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3 Reasons to Apply for a Business Grant in Singapore

Singapore is a very attractive place for entrepreneurs to set up a business. Do you have any new business plans that you’re itching to put into motion? If yes, it’s time to start your new business in Singapore. Besides the low tax rate and the ease of doing business, the important factor that attracts entrepreneurs from around the world to Singapore is the multiplicity of financing sources for startups.

To set up a business in Singapore, you need to be prepared with a lot of planning and financing. Business Grants are one of the best ways to fund your venture and help you to finance your business. If you are still considering whether to apply for grants, this is our top 3 reasons why you should apply for a business grant in Singapore.

1. Cost Savings

More funds available will help companies offset costs (for operations and/or manpower. Applying for grants can help you to get free monies. These business grants do not need to be repaid, which makes it appealing for business endeavours. Some grants also offer hefty amounts of money depending on the applicant’s business idea.

2. Helps improve company operations

With extra funding from the grants, it will help to enable more efficiency of the company’s operations due to a bigger budget for operational costs.

3. Credibility

Companies funded by the government are more credible than the ones which are not. If you manage to successfully apply for some of the most coveted grants, it can provide benefits that outweigh the simple free money advantage, and also promote your business and ideas. With the backing support of the local government, it increases visibility of your business to the public eye, thus increasing market awareness.

To summarise, applying for business grants will definitely aid your new business in Singapore. The advantages that you can get from business grants will be worth the effort made to apply for them. Since you’re willing to invest time into your business plan already, start applying for business grants today! If you’re lucky and your application is successful, you get to reap the benefits of additional funds and increase your business’s credibility.

- Written by: Patricia Shareleen, Cayman Management Consultants

- Edited by: Ho Carmen, Cayman Management Consultants


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