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The Singapore Expats Association was set out with the goal of fostering a strong community and network amongst the ever-growing expatriate community in Singapore. The non-profit association strives to provide support, initiate conversations and drive collaboration between our expatriate friends and the larger Singapore society - so as to build better integration and harmony for all.

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Growing communities, building networks.

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A Community of Like-Minded Trailblazers

Our community thrives on diversity, enthusiasm and passion. Members come from all around the world. Disruptors, innovators and change makers - all looking to make their mark on the world in their own unique and special way. So if you ask us: what's it like living in a foreign land while being amongst one of the most dynamic and vibrant societies in the world? It's brilliantly exciting.

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A full support system to live, work and play in Singapore

Members of The Singapore Expats Association, through the power of strong partnership networks, gain access to an extensive array of support systems that make living and working in Singapore of complete peace of mind. Regular networking and social gatherings provide an avenue for members to grow their networks and feel instantly connected to the community.

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Our Values

Our Values


A platform for expatriates in Singapore to network, exchange information, support each other, build a community and integrate into the Singapore society.


To be the premier expatriate association - committed to serving members and supporting their journeys in Singapore from start till end and beyond.


Embrace Community
As an association, we strive for members to welcome others into the community and for us to collaborate with the larger, external Singaporean community.

Mutual Respect
Everyone has different cultural practices and beliefs. Members should be respectful towards each other’s differences.

We promise to be honest and upfront about all things related to the association and its members


Our full Code of Conduct can be found here.

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